Your Daily Color
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About Your Daily Color

By Sally Spurgeon


A life changing event happened on March 26, 1983.  Our son died.  It sent me on a quest for deeper understanding and meaning in life.  I discovered many dimensions of my spiritual side, and this resulted in powerful affects to my physical being.  Louise Hays’ little blue book, “You Can Heal Your Body” came first and soon after I discovered the Kairos Institute in Encinitas, CA where I studied Reiki, Energy Flow and Chakras in our bodies, Tarot, Numerology, Color, Meditation.  They all became new assets that helped me in sorting out feelings, and in healing and soothing the grief and change that was occurring. 


The energy of colors fascinated me. I came upon a meditation to enrich the chakras using the colors associated with each.  It became a daily ritual but was especially powerful when my beloved husband Charlie and I would ‘escape’ to our very special hideaway near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.  Before dawn each morning I would make my way to “my rocks” on the beach.  They were a vortex for me.  I would climb upon them to a place where I could sit and look out to sea and watch the waves crash dramatically on the greater rocks that jutted out into the crystal clear water.  Here in this place, completely alone and with only the sounds and smell of nature in all her power and beauty, I would close my eyes and completely re-energize my body with my special meditation surrounding each chakra with the color for each of the 7 energy centers.


Another door to discovery opened as I studied Numerology which simplified, is based on 1 through 10 which again becomes 1, with the additional numbers of 11 and 22 (master numbers which remain as they are).  Each number is associated with a color and with a theme, i.e. 1 is New Beginnings and Red is its color.  Again a Louise Hay book had a profound impact as I discovered “The Colors of Your Life.”  With great excitement I asked Charlie, who was deep into computer programming at the time, if he could create a program that, given the basic elements of numerology, would be able to give me my color for any particular day based on my birth month and day.  He got to work on it and though skeptical about the basic theory, created a program that would do just that for me – for any given day, even for a whole year!  I was thrilled! That was in the early 1990’s.  We’d moved from Del Mar CA to Palm Desert CA and I embarked on a completely different career.  I found that using Charlie’s program to determine what I would wear each day gave me a heightened sense of confidence and balance. 


Before he died on March 26, 2011, Charlie printed out several years of “my colors” for me.  Now I want to share this wonderful tool, and I’ve been very fortunate to find Melba Miller at just the right time.  Her history in computer programming is rich and diverse, and it was at the right time for Melba as she was just ready for a new challenge when I shared my project with her.  I am so grateful for her ability to make this a reality.


That was the beginning of and so, come with me on this journey of discovery and let’s begin!

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